Terms & Conditions 

This document sets out the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) of Joining the Apparel & Textile Manufacturers Federation (ATMF). Please read before submitting the membership application. 
These terms outline our respective legal rights and responsibilities in respect of your membership of ATMF and will be subject to the United Kingdom law. The terms and conditions are subject to variation from time to time. Variations will be notified on our website www.atmf.co.uk and latest T&Cs can be viewed there. 
1) The Membership fee is payable in advance in full at time of joining. 
2) On joining you will be charged for full year’s membership. Your membership will run for 12 calendar months from date of joining. In your second year your membership will be adjusted & charged pro-rata to cover the balance of the year. In third year and onwards membership will run for a full calendar year. 
3) Membership will be renewed automatically on an annual basis. In the event you do not want to renew your membership notice, of no less than 1 calendar month, inform ATMF via email to info@atmf.co.uk. 
4) At the end of first year the member will be notified via e-mail the renewal fees for the coming year. If the fees are not paid then member will no longer be eligible to use services of ATMF. 
5) The Federation reserves the right to refuse any application to join any ATMF membership category. In the event the application is refused, any joining fee paid will be refunded to the applicant within 4 weeks. If the membership is terminated, due to breach of our code of conduct, then the member will no longer be entitled to a refund. 
6) Subscriptions fees are reviewed annually and the current fees are provided on our website. 
7) ATMF reserves the right to amend, withdraw or add any right of membership service. Such amendment shall not give rise to any liability for refund of membership fees. 
8) You may resign anytime will have no claim to any refund of your charges. A member whose membership is terminated will forfeit all the privileges of membership without any claim for a refund. 
9) Membership of ATMF does not guarantee access to all the members’ benefits and maybe limited by availability or subject to a further fee. 
10) The content on our site is for information only. Whilst ATMF will take great care to ensure the information and material on our website is correct and up to date no warranty is given about the accuracy of the content provided. 
11) By joining Federation you will be introduced to other members who may offer their products or services. Any subsequent arrangement will purely be between you and the other party. ATMF does not act as agent, in any capacity, and as such does not accept any liability. 
12) ATMF will occasionally provide links to external sites on our websites that may be useful for our members. We have no control over the content of these sites and therefore not to be interpreted as endorsed by us. 
13) By using ATMF’s website you consent and agree to the terms outlined above. 
14) To agree to abide by the principles and code of conduct of our Federation. 
15) By submitting an application for your membership you agree to be bound by the ATMF’s terms and conditions. 
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