We discussed how the textiles Industry can re-purpose dead stock and help people in the community with the energy crisis and support with mental health. 
Most of the fabric in Leicester is synthetic, and the problem with synthetic material is that it is not biodegradable. This means that any waste from the factory's goes to landfill, or in the case of offshoring, ends up on a beach in Africa. 
Emma's initiative, launching on the Leicester Giving Day, will see dead stock in Leicester used as fillers to create window and door draft excluders as well as other energy saving items for the home. These products will be made by sewing groups of people who are coming together to share experiences and use creativity and crafts to connect with each other. 
This initiative is an all-round win, it helps reduce textile waste, creates something valuable that will help people during a crisis and brings the community together. 
We are really looking forward to helping Emma achieve her mission. 
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