We are looking at how we can benefit from smart manufacturing. One such meeting took place with Alastair Crawford, LMAC Consulting. 
LMAC are an international consultancy working closely with governments & associations to support industry to deliver efficiency, quality and process improvements based on the latest Industry 4.0 principles. 
The manufacturing marketplace is the most competitive it has even been and the demand for new products that were made quickly and made well is being eclipsed by the demand for an altogether new manufacturing industry. One that delivers customised products that are cheaper, quicker and more sustainable. Smarter 4.0 is the result of this revolution in practices, processes and ideas. 
Initial discussions were around looking at how garment manufacturers can take iterative, pragmatic steps to becoming ‘smarter’, whilst helping others to transform their operations through digitisation, data and technology. 
ATMF in association with LMAC will further explore opportunities to guide businesses through the transition to #smartmanufacturing positioning them to find the advantages that are already at their disposal. 
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