A garment manufacturing sector and Leic City Council meeting in August 2023. Pictured from left to right is Tejas Shah, Sajjad Khan, Deputy Mayor Adam Clarke, Bashir Ali and Sanjay Modhwadia.
A very interesting and engaging Sustainability ROX conference took place in De Montfort University focused on sustainable design. This event brought together creative minds passionate about designing a greener future. 
A wide range of prominent speakers and panelists covered Carbon Literacy, Solutions For Business & Legislation for Green Growth. 
Keynote speaker Patrick Grant of Community Clothing, along with Simon Platts and Sue Tilley, outlined how fashion is having direct impact on the planet. 
With over 100bn garments produced (Zurich) and 30% of which remain unsold and therefore often dumped or burned. With those that are purchased again approx 70% are never worn. 
As such, there is a real need for a "conscious consumer" that is keen on making more thoughtful shopping decisions with the goal of consuming less and prioritising sustainability. 
There is also now a necessity over safeguarding local production and retail. With the likes of Shein hitting £1b turnover in UK with only 14 employees, it is having a direct impact on the local economy. 
The Shein model has very little positive impact on the local economy. Supporting local production and retail is necessary to create a circular economy within the circular economy by supporting local jobs, local businesses and helping local prosperity through more economic value and benefits. 
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