A garment manufacturing sector and Leic City Council meeting in August 2023. Pictured from left to right is Tejas Shah, Sajjad Khan, Deputy Mayor Adam Clarke, Bashir Ali and Sanjay Modhwadia.
Facilitated by Councillor Sanjay Modhwadia, also in attendance were Sir Peter Soulsby, City Mayor, Adam Clarke FRSA and Peter Chandler, Head of economic regeneration. Pictured from left to right is Tejas Shah, Sajjad Khan, Deputy Mayor Adam Clarke, Bashir Ali and Sanjay Modhwadia. 
The textile representatives including ATMF raised their concerns at the demise of the local garment supply chain and continued loss of thousands of jobs. 
A healthy discussion took place where the local businesses felt that not enough had been done to help them with the recent turmoil and left to fend the city's tarnished image by themselves. 
Sir Peter stated that the textile sector was the backbone of City's heritage and it is important that a strong healthy garment supply chain flourished and asked what the local government do to help. 
Alkesh Kapadia Manufacturer, Media, Real Estate, Marketing advocated the Italy model where through local government assistance the Prato textile sector was revived using innovation and sharing of resources. 
ATMF stated the need for a move away from Fast fashion and to bring in better customer base through innovation, sustainability and improving product quality for a new type of customer. 
ATMF also outlined the necessity for PR through the City Council initiative to promote the ciy's textile sector. 
It was also pointed that maybe ATMF should collaborate and come under the umbrella of the local government to achieve its objectives of helping revive the local textile sector and thereby provide one strong voice to champion the local causes at National Government level. 
There was strong interest in this idea and Sir Peter asked both Peter Chandler and Adam Clarke to look into how this can be achieved and present their findings at another meeting within 4 weeks. 
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